Cheryl Schaeffer Designs

2418 S. Rene Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Cheryl Schaeffer Designs 2004

Art has always been an important part of my life. I was always the child that was drawing for friends and family. As a child and into my early adult years my family lived in many different areas of the United States. As my father was in the Marine Corps. When selecting a major in collage it was only natural that I selected Art. I graduated with a degree in Fiber arts from Cal State Fullerton and a degree in Commercial Art. Needlepoint found me, my Mother wanted to learn to do needlepoint, so she signed us up for a class at the local Junior college. I was newly married and my husband was still in college and working evenings. This gave me time to fall in love with the new art form for me. Working with other designers gave me a chance to learn the business. I have been designing for over 25 years working with wonderful companies such as Rainbow Gallery, Fleur de Paris, Needle Necessities, Julia's Needlework's, and Susan Portra.

I have 3 children, Dana my oldest daughter works in advertising and lives in Southern California. Jennifer is married and lives in South Carolina. Matt is a Junior in College and working part time (he lives at school).

So all the kids are out, you would think I had more room in this house.

My husband is very supportive of all my endeavors. He just wished I could figure out why I don't have any spare room in this house.

I adopted a wonder little Scotty dog while I was back in South Carolina visiting my daughter. I still have an assortment of animals, which include my chickens who by the way live in the poultry palace in the backyard.

2 Dalmatians ages 15 & 18.
A Lizard
4 Turtles
And last but not least 4 canneries.

Most of these animals I inherited when the kids left.

You will notice that in the Newsletter section we are adding The Tailwagging Adventures of Charlotte. My daughter Jennifer will be ghost writing the adventures as Charlotte has not mastered the computer yet. In fact she just got the memo on the time change. Thank goodness!!