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Silver plated cuff bracelets with needlepoint canvases painted on 18 count mono canvas



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BRA 1 Lady bugs

Handpainted on 18 count canvas inserts into the silver plated cuff.

BRA10 Grapes

BRA11 Puppy

BRA12 Paw Prints

BRA13 Keep Calm

BRA14 American Flag

BRA15 3 Blue Crabs

BRA16 Green Crabs

BRA17 Beach Fun

BRA18 Ghost & Bat

BRA19 Wine

BRA2 Skull and Cross Bones

BRA20 Christmas Trees

BRA21 Green Crab

BRA3 Star Fish

BRA4 Pink Flowers

BRA5 Black and Gold Paisley

BRA6 Candy Corn

BRA7 Seashore

BRA8 Black & Gold Paisley

BRA9 Gold and Silver Greek Key

BRC1 Floral

BRC10 Cherries and Checks

BRC11 Queen Bee

BRC12 Blue and Silver Greek Key

BRC13 Candy Cane

BRC14 Hugs & Kisses

BRC15 Pink Bow

This Bow can be stitched in other colors. Mine is stitched in shades of orange for MS a condition that my daughter has.

BRC16 Leopard

BRC17 Zebra

BRC18 British Flag

BRC19 Scottie

BRC2 Teacups

BRC3 Leopard with Initial spot

BRC4 Thistle

BRC5 Birds

BRC6 Pink and Green Plaid

BRC7 Christmas Plaid

BRC8 Hearts

BRC9 Spider Web

Z Bracelet finishing